Machine Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the enterprise.

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An Intelligence Organization

Techsensus provides government and private sector partners with access to state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities. We were founded by PhDs and software engineers from top schools including MIT, Cornell, and the University of Maryland who have experience tackling some of the most challenging and cutting-edge problems in data science and machine learning. We provide a wide-range of consulting services ranging from building, deploying, and scaling custom ML solutions to corporate training and management strategy services.

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Modeling & Software Solutions

In the real world, every modeling problem presents its own unique challenges that require customized solutions. At Steam AI, we leverage deep expertise in machine learning and software development to deliver AI solutions that can be integrated directly into your applications and environments. Our solutions cover the full modeling lifecycle including data processing, labeling, training & optimization, and modern containerized model deployments & scaling. Whether you seek to answer questions with your data, or need production-read, performance AI systems, Steam AI brings to bear a wealth of modeling and software experience to meet your unique challenges.

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Our Capabilities

Our team provides end-to-end state-of-the-art, containerized machine learning design and deployed micro services that can easily be integrated into your environment. We deploy and scale your custom, containerized service on the cloud platform of your choice.

Natural Language Processing

Named Entity Recognition

Text Processing

Question Answering

Sentiment Analysis

Machine Translation

Computer Vision

Optical Character Recognition

Object Detection

Image Classification

Voice Analytics

Voice and Speech Analytics encompass the comprehension of dialects, tones, voices and more. Speech Analytics is the process of analyzing human speech to unlock hidden insights in voice communications.

Conversational AI / Chatbots

We develop conversational systems using advancements in natural language understanding and dialogue management to train fine-tuned models for our clients needs. We don't believe in COTS solutions, but custom solutions trained for your domain.

Data Science

Machine Learning

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